How To Offer A Website

I was lucky to find your theme which was exactly what we needed. Here are a few ways to make money with the Music Maker WordPress theme. Take your online marketing to the next level with our free music marketing graphic sets. Let fans access all your social marketing content in one place.

If you use Shopify Payments, there are no transaction fees—but if you choose to use an external payment gateway, transaction fees range from 0. 5 to 2%. UGallery has a highly selective application process.

To build and host your art shop, you’ll pay a monthly subscription fee that ranges from $29 to $299 (for a more advanced set-up). You’ll also need to set up a way for your customers to pay when they buy your art.

Selling From Website

See more of her work and learn more about her services at deannadebara. com. As mentioned, Zazzle allows you to set your own royalty rates. You can set your rate anywhere from 5 to 99%; then, Zazzle will adjust the product price accordingly. For example , if an original work is sold, artists get 60% of the sale—but if a canvas print is sold, artists receive only 20%. For more on TurningArt’s pricing structure, check out the FAQ pages for the Partner Artist Program and the Affiliate Artist Program.

Add unlimited blog posts, static pages, photos, videos, products, and more. The built-in beat store allows you to add unlimited beats and set your own prices. The Music Maker theme is full of features to help make money and get your music heard. If it’s not what you ordered, we guarantee to give your money back. Deanna deBara is an entrepreneur, speaker, and freelance writer who specializes in business and productivity topics. When she’s not busy writing, she enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest with her husband and dog.

Display related beats and products to keep customers checking out what you offer. Easily embed social feeds from Twitter or Facebook or other social sites. Import the demo content and create your homepage in under 10 minutes. View the number of times a track in the beat store has been played and purchased.

To get started, artists have to submit digital copies of their art along with an artist statement, a completed application and a $5 application fee. If you’re approved to exhibit at UGallery, they’ll take care of marketing your art to their audience. If you make a sale through UGallery, you’ll split the sale 50/50. Their team will send you a custom box to package your artwork for the buyer, and cover all packaging and shipping costs. With Amazon Fine Art, you’ll need to get approval through Amazon. Once approved, you’ll pay $0. 99 per unit sale and a recommendation fee of between 5 and 20% based on total cost. You can get a full breakdown of fees on Amazon’s seller pricing page.

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