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The THREE DIMENSIONAL scene is located between Fourier plane and the particular SLM or behind the particular SLM. SeeReal Technologies utilizes a 30 × thirty pixel array for every of the 3D scene points, the so-called subhologram approach. The essential idea of SeeReal’s approach is to reconstruct only the wavefront at the eye positions. This approach significantly reduces the amount of information that needs to be processed, and thus promises high-quality holographic display with reasonable hardware/software system costs.

3D holographic visualization recognized by the holographic screen with subwave-length diffractive -pixels. A viewing angle associated with 38° is achieved making use of 500 nm pixel message and 635 nm lighting wavelength. SeeReal’s display varies from prior art not only in hologram encoding but furthermore within the optical setup. Prior-art displays reconstruct the THREE DIMENSIONAL scene around the Fourier plane and supply viewing areas behind the Fourier aircraft. SeeReal’s displays provide VWs for observers in the particular Fourier plane.

Voxels are created by dealing with a rapidly rotating phosphor-coated screen in vacuum simply by synchronized electron beams. Restricted สล็อตออนไลน์ per view resolution (768 × 768), in assessment with state-of-the-art high- finish 2D display (1080 -pixels, 4 K, etc. ).

Three Dimension Gaming Machine

Many very promising 3D display technologies have been and are being developed to make various compromises on pure holographic conditions, thus producing practically implementable 3D display systems using today’s technologies. However, a practical large size, high-resolution, full-color, and dynamic holographic display still remains a significant challenge. The SLM is the key component in implementing computer-generated hologram systems.

We provide a brief overview of a number of representative 3D volumetric display technologies (Fig. 50). This list is by no means comprehensive or inclusive of all possible techniques.

15 LEDs as high speed switching illuminators, each along with an unique direction associated with illumination light. In Area 6, we provided a few of the pseudo THREE DIMENSIONAL display technologies that frequently are mistakenly called THREE DIMENSIONAL holographic or true THREE DIMENSIONAL displays.

These pseudo THREE DIMENSIONAL displays cannot provide any kind of physical depth cues associated with a real-world 3D picture. Many very promising THREE DIMENSIONAL display technologies are now being created to make various accommodement on the pure holographic conditions, thus producing virtually implementable 3D display techniques using today’s technologies. These types of compromises and approximations guide to different characteristics amongst the resulting 3D screen technologies. In Table two, we list major groups of 3D display complex approaches, namely, the binocular stereoscopic, multiview autostereoscopic (with HPO, integral imaging, super-multiview, and multiview with eye-tracking), and volumetric 3D shows. In this section, all of us briefly discuss a couple of examples of these kinds of shows, which we have called “pseudo 3D displays”. Within their next steps, IMEC programs to realize the best HoloDis system that will certainly comprise up to 900 million devices with -pixel pitch of 500 nm. Such a HoloDis program is the central developing block for true THREE DIMENSIONAL visualization systems with approximately 60° diffraction angle plus HD quality of encounter.

Depending on designs, the SLM can be addressed via a variety of mechanisms. Table 1 lists major types of existing SLMs that are used in building 3D holographic displays. This trend is summarized by Stahl and Jayapala and Huang as shown in Fig. Low brightness due to optical transmission loss of projected light going through multiple LC sheets. Even with high-quality LC sheets that have optimal light transmission efficiency of 97% each, after 35 layers of LC sheets, the light intensity is reduced to 50% of its original strength.

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